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Monday, December 27, 2010

Better late than never!

                                 First off I want to wish everyone a Happy Holidays!

Second, I want to apologize for not writing in sooo long. Things have been pretty wacky lately, ever since my step-daughter's birthday bash (which was a blast! We had so much fun at the skating rink!) I have had something to do every weekend. Then of course the holiday's crept up on me like I was the hot dumb chick in a scary movie about to get sacked by the funny-looking-tormented-as-a-child murder!  

                  Any who, next I want to get into 1 of the 2 blog post's I promised.

 Meeting Nicole Peeler! OK, OK. I know, I know...  It's really really late... but as the very cliche saying goes- It's better late than never! So, as readers may know November 6  was the Nicole Peeler book signing, 2 hours away in Lancaster, PA. I was so excited as it was the first time I had ever gone to something like this. There have been a few that I wanted to go to, however, unfortunately I was unable to because they were during work/school hours or they were absolutely way too far and inaccessible to me. So, after reading the beginning to her series I started to look around her website and noticed that she would be in Lancaster, PA and got really excited. I wanted to learn about how she got to where she is and how in the world did she come up with Jane True. In addition, from what I read about her and from her I thought she was a creative genius. So, I asked my 15 year old niece, who pretty much goes everywhere with me, to tag along. I had already been telling her about the books so she was more than willing and excited to come. My sister had mentioned that she was interested in attending, although, she opted out last minute. Which I was not mad at!

Hmmm... Does that make me sound like a nasty little sister? I guess it would... Well, you have to know my sister to understand me and where I am coming from. I love her dearly! I do REALLY !!! But there are times where I sure want to kick her A$$!

Our trip was long but sure was fun! It was like a girls only mini road trip! I have got to say, NJ has really spoiled me as I was appalled at the fact that I had to pump my own gas in PA!!!

Having to pump my own gas aside I had a blast and think I might just have to do it again on Jan 29, 2011. Which is when Nicole Peeler will be at the same Borders in Lancaster, PA, which is shortly after the release of her third book! Tempest Legacy!! I can't wait to get this on my nook!!!!

                                          Here are some pics we took on the way!

                         We could not believe the exits went so high, 333, and that was not the highest
                            we started at. I think we started at about 346 and our exit was 286!!!

We don't look related at all! Jeeze!! 

Could you tell we are city girls!?!?! Cows never cease to amaze us even though we now live minutes from a bunch of farms!!! LOL!! 

 Moving right along, this was this first time I had a attended something like this and was so UBBER excited! I arrived a lil past 2pm and left a lil past 5pm. Nicole Peeler was gracious enough to bless us with a reading from book 2 "Tracking the Tempest"!!

She also shared with us her inspirations, likes, methods, and let us know a lil more about her characters and the wonderful world she has created! She was so natural and REAL! It really was treat meeting with her and seeing how down to earth she is in addition to how much she cares about her work, and about her readers! For some one like me, who loves to read and hopes to one day have something to do with the world of books and publications it makes the dream that much more real. It actually feels attainable! Nicole Peeler connects with her readers and constantly keeps them on their toes while going out of her way to stay connected and in tune with them! How you ask? Her blog is constantly updated! She runs contests (I just won one might I ADD!!! WOOP WOOP!! I am getting the MP3 CD audio book of her first novel Tempest Rising!) and post's video blogs that have sneak reads, in addition, her tweets are hilarious!
                                             In short, Nicole Peeler = AWESOME!

Check out her website here , follow her on twitter @nicolepeeler and if you are a Tempest fan already and can't wait till Jan 1st, 2011! Check out an interview with Anyan  here and an interview with Ryu here! (Courtesy of Melissa, @MeiLHay! Thanks Melissa!! They are ubber cool go check 'em out!!!)

              Nicole I had a blast THANK YOU!! Hopefully I will be seeing you again on Jan 29!!


Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Hi! Thank you for the shout out and links. :)

Sounds like the trip to Lancaster was a great time. Um, sorry you had to pump your own gas. ;D Sounds like a great time though, and too cool you have some one you can cox into going with you.

Thank you once again for the shout out, and so glad you enjoyed the interviews. :)

Micaella said...

Thanks Melissa! I guess I'll get over having to pump my own gas... I wasn't that bad hehehe! I think I am going to convince her to go with me again if I do go in Jan. Thanks again for the comment!