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I'm very eclectic, some may call me weird... I love to read, I love my nook, I love my cook HAHA Just kidding! I wish I had one! I love to have fun,and laugh, shopping, dancing and listening to music,is what keeps me entertained. I love babies and am scared to death of having one, I love to be creative and although I I know so many plans I wish and hope to have, I still feel like I need to find who I am. This blog may just help me to discover that.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Grand Announcement!

As some of you may have noticed, I have recently had a hard time making decisions about my blog. I have made some design changes but have not touched the posts. It's because I had no clue what to base a professional blog on... Especially because I wanted to blog about something that I enjoy in order to enjoy blogging.

After much contemplation and changing my mind about a gazillion times I've decided to blog about... que drum roll ..3.. 2.. 1... trumpets please... I've decided to blog about books!

Books that I have read and/or am currently reading, have attempted to read or that I am interested in reading, my nook and basically anything having to do with reading and books. In addition to communications for our class.

I know... I know.. The climax to the announcement of the subject is way more exciting than the subject itself. Although, this is something that I spend much of my time doing and is something that I really enjoy. So books it is, who knows maybe beyond our lil class I will continue talking and reviewing books on my blog and become some well known book critique, so famous and world known that authors everywhere will break a sweat when they think about what I will say when I review their books! :D LOL!! HAHA! Just kidding, Hopefully they will look forward to my review. HAHA!

Well, hopefully for those book lovers out there I will be of some assistance once you have finished your current read and are looking for a new ones.

Until next time Happy Reading everyone!


Anonymous said...

Great choice! You can never go wrong with books. There are so many type of books out there to explore that your blog should never end until they remove the keyboard from your cold, cold, hand!


Q said...

Just out of curiosity, you Nook-lover you, have you had any experience with the Kindle? Was looking to see how they compare; I have one and have never test driven the Nook (though I am a big fan of Nookie!)

Micaella said...

Thanks Gett!!! So far I am enjoying this so it looks like my hands are going to get pretty darn freezing!! LOL!
I have not had much experience with the kindle, however, I did much research before I made my purchase, or rather my husband purchased. (It was our 2 year wedding ann. gift.) The reviews I read from the 2 over all I like the nook more. The nook is very user friendly. What I like is that if there are any updates it is all web based. I understand that if there are updates in software you would have to purchase a new kindle am I correct? This is not the case with nook. If you need a new battery it is replaceable and you can increase the memory with the simple addition of a memory card. I like that there is no keyboard, the bottom LCD screen is touch and after a few minutes it turns off, leaving you to be distracted by nothing all you see if what you are reading. I know it may not be a big annoyance to some but, playing with the kindle it frustrated me that there were buttons, I wanted to play with them all the time! Also, the nook is smaller. And, a big plus I think is the fact that I can physically go into a store and speak with someone and say "Hey, can you help me with this, This isn't working can you see if..." You get my drift? I am Very happy with my nook and recommend to anyone and it is so chic and cute too!!! And all the accessories so adorable!!!