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Monday, October 25, 2010

Gadgets, Toys and Media Technologies!

Ah media technology, one of the greatest ever-changing topics. It is like a chameleon changing with the times.I swear every time I say the words "Media technology" there is a new technology out; ipad, 4G, video conference on dell phones, map apps (all kinds of apps),e-book readers, netbooks, now Mac has unveiled thinner laptops and the list goes on. However, there are some forms of media technology that are solidly ground and evolve only to accentuate the technologies greatness.

Let us start with:

At one point in time those who had e-mail addresses where scarce, because they were more commonly used in business’. However, now people have two three, sometimes five or more. An e-mail address is needed for everything now, anything from applying for a job to online shopping. Which is why it’s audience is so vast, for goodness sake; my 7-year-old godson has an e-mail address. E-mail allows you to send quick messages to others accompanied by documents, voice recordings, pictures and more. The fact that as long as it is saved it is recorded and can be referenced to at a later date, paired with the fact: that you can send a message to more then one person at the same time anround round the globe and back with in 20 seconds (Lannon, 2008, ps. 318-322) just adds to it’s attractiveness. I have heard many say that e-mail is the reason that the US postal service is loosing business and it is why they are considering a shorter workweek. It saddens me a little to say this, but I haven’t check my snail mail box in weeks and when I did check it today there was nothing, just junk because all of my important documents come to me via e-mail. Although, it is also sad because have taken for granted the beauty of the written word, written letters, even the beauty in penmanship. I remember in second grade I had to practice my penmanship in order to write legibly. Now-a-days this isn't even included in the curriculum! Technology has become so predominant that everything is expected to be typed, it would be ludicrous to hand write something.

Cell Phones/ Smart Phones-
Cell phones sure have evolved as time has gone by. I remember when my first cell phone was the size of a VCR! The smaller they got the more you could do with them. Another media tool whose audience is so vast it is like there are no boundaries. It went from just having phone call capabilities to being able to send, create and edit documents, e-mail, instant message, video conference (iphone), read books (iphone), and scan coupons (iphone) and the list goes on. Cell phone allow contact with any one at any time in any form. Which is helping to blur the lines between work and play, unfortunately, “An employer may think, ‘I pay for cell phones for my staff so I expect to be able to reach them all immediately. ... Wireless phones are among the most important tools we have, as their portability enables us to work from anywhere.” (Roebuck, 2006, p. 2-3)

Video Conferencing-
Is a more business orientated media technology as many large corporations utilize this form to set up meetings with colleagues around the world when necessary. Why not just a phone conference, well because, “Face-to-face meetings allow communication on all levels: verbal, vocal, and visual. This “human moment” is the best way to build trust and consensus...”(Roebuck, 2006, p.11) therefore “Videoconferencing simulates live, face-to-face interaction, although people attending the “meeting” may be thousands of miles apart.” (Roebuck, 2006, p. 11). Although, now the new iphone has opened the doors to video conference to a whole new audience, so far I have witnessed many fall in love with it; it must be the face-to-face simulation.

Social Networks-
Lastly social networks have exploded! Facebook’s rise to fame has been a long one and although it is the most recognizable at this time, especially thanks to the recent film “The Social Network”, it is not the only one out there. There is Twitter, myspace, xanga, linked in and so many more. This media technology also has a more defined audience then e-mails & cell phones. The gen Y ers are obsessed with technology and their social networks to keep up with and entertained by the friends and family members from their past, present and future. It comes equipped with instant chat, messages, searching for friends and even playing games with friends. The members keep it to keep in touch even from a distance and to always see what is new. Now many companies have recognized the social network craze, popularity along with the positive benefits and have decided to join the party by joining the sites and promoting their companies, products and/or services.

Two media technologies that are very important and related to my blog are as follows:

My Blog-
It serves as a form of communicating my messages to my readers. In turn allowing my readers to communicate right back to me, in a way it is a kind of slow instant messenger.

It not only serves me with my subject material. It also provides me with Internet access and communicates to me BN's daily specials and contents. It allows me to get connected with other nook owners so that we can "Lend" each other books. I am able to download all kinds of books, magazines, newspapers, and text books enabling me to carry essentially my entire library with me, at all times! In addition, I am able to keep mp3 files on it, I can listen to classical music while reading the New York Times or checking my e-mail from my trusty web feature. I am also able to barrow e-books and reference documents from my library when I am connected to the library network. Many think owning an e-book reader is pointless, however I feel it's genius. To the true book lover it's like having an ipod for your books with a side of Internet and media. Where as many would go to the gym with their ipod I go with my ipod for soothing sounds that block out the world while I read from my nook and my dreaded exercise session goes that much faster, ahh enjoyable exercise. There are times that I don't want to get off the elliptical because I don't want to stop reading. How's that for media technology.

I <3 you nook!


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