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I'm very eclectic, some may call me weird... I love to read, I love my nook, I love my cook HAHA Just kidding! I wish I had one! I love to have fun,and laugh, shopping, dancing and listening to music,is what keeps me entertained. I love babies and am scared to death of having one, I love to be creative and although I I know so many plans I wish and hope to have, I still feel like I need to find who I am. This blog may just help me to discover that.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

PRESENTING... MICAELLA... No, no it's Meekaelaa.. Oh just call me Mickey

My name is Micaella
For two years I've been married to a really nice fella

I am attending Ashford University and in about one years time I will be done with my B. A
Where is Ashford you say?
It is in Clinton, Iowa. I swear I will visit some day.

Right now I am in my last major class
and I really hope I pass.
After that on to my minor where
I will do nothing but watch the timer

I love Hello Kitty, finding a great bargain and going to the market.
Where I could read and eat chocolate.

This blogs first post is only a tester.
I wanted to make sure I could work it.
I wonder and really hope I will be able to erase it?
But until then I hope you enjoyed it.


Lauren Segars said...

Hi Micaella. I like the color scheme of your blog. It blends together nicely and I think fits with the topics you discuss. The background adds a nice touch to your posts about books (I don't know why, it just seems to "fit"). That being said, I think your blog needs a little bit more structure. I love your opening poem. It gave a quirky beginning and introduction into a blog that should be about communications. Throwing the book postings in there kind of got me off track. When I first looked at your blog and saw the first posting about "Amazon Sisters..." I was confused and wondered if I had typed the address in correctly. All of your posts are interesting and entertaining, but I think the book postings and the communications postings should be separated.

Micaella said...

Thank you Lauren! I am glad that I have been getting some positive feedback. I apologize for the confusion, however I am not sure that I can organize it anymore only because, my blog isn't about communication which is why the books postings where in there. I thought at first that the blog had to be about communications but when I spoke with the professor I was informed that there was a lot of freedom and I should write about what interests me. So that is where the books came from. So the only way that i think I would be able to provide more structure is if I split the two and create an entirely diff blog and I am not sure that I want to do that. Although I do see the confusion it could cause. Thank you so much for you valuable input.

Still Learning said...

Hi Micaella. Wow you have a lot of information in your blog. Nice job. I also add things to my blog which I am not sure if I will be able to change later. As per our assigment the changes which I suggest you could make may be in the layout the information in the blog runs one after another. If you could make it a more wider layout it may be easier to follow. Aisha Said

Micaella said...

I agree with you! Even I have difficulty distinguishing between some of my postings. I like the way Gretchen C. was able to individualize her blog posts and have a boarder wrapped around them. I have got to figure out how to do that. Would you have any idea?