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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Amazon Sisters, Jane True, Anyan Can't Be Sinister And Of Course HOT Ryu!

Well, I had jury duty today and I was there for a while...then... I discovered the vending machine. Ahh what bliss a vending machine can cause! I got a Diet coke and package of Chex mix, pulled out my journal along with my trusty nook and went to town! I wrote so much I have a finger blister, I guess my delicate hands got used to typing. HAHAHA!! ;)

I'm very excited to say that I have two more days until I meet Nicole Peeler Author of the recent Jane True series. Of course I follow her on Twitter and tweeted a few messages to her... Well, she tweeted back to me!!! FOUR times!!! A few days ago I informed my sister of my excitement and of course she pulverized my glee like SASQUATCH!!! You know what she tells me??!! "oh, duh! She responded because its her job, you are like her business of course she responded or at least her assistant did" This is how she slowly murders my buzz... Whatever you bubble buster!!!

I KNOW it was Nicole Peeler creator of JANE TRUE and not her assistant, she doesn't even seem like the type of person who would have an assistant first of all. And, sure, maybe I am kinda like her business the way your putting it, but that's not the point. The point is that she read what I wrote and acknowledged me and responded, FOUR TIMES! Done deal, hands down, she is awesome! :D

She maybe just an author to you but to me she is someone important and really cool with her creative geniusness. Not to mention she is living proof that dreams can come true! So, lovely yet sometimes scary amazon sister of mine, I see and understand that you are not privy to today's amazing technological world of blogs & twitter which enable wonderful superstar, PhD holding authors like Nicole Peeler to keep in touch with her amazingly lunatic #1 fans like me. But keep the faith sister perhaps one day you will gain access. Until then, LOVE YOU BIG SIS!

Oh, and FYI. This weekend, Saturday 11/6/2010 while attending Nicole Peelers book reading and signing at Boarders located at 940 Plaza Blvd; Lancaster, PA 17601 from 2pm-4pm you better not ruin my day, burst any bubbles and no Sasquatch steps! Just let me be in an extraordinary good mood and leave me in my "OH-MY-GOD-I-am-actually-meeting-an-awesome-author-I-think-I-am-star- struck..." state of mind. Just this once.

Now Moving right along to my thoughts on the first two installments of The Jane True Series!

First came "Tempest Rising", then came "Tracking the Tempest" and now I can't begin to tell you how anxious I am for the arrival of # 3 "Tempest's Legacy" coming soon in January 2011. I, like thousands of others, have absolutely fallen in love with Jane True! I love her quirkiness and am floored by how Nicole is able to develop the characters along with the progression of the story. She is able to bring depth to the characters of this fast past page turner and really brings them to life enabling you to feel an attachment to the characters at the same time that you are wishing this world was real! I love that it's not your typical "Oh my daddy left when I was little, I don't fit in and I have not found true love. Oh wait! Scratch that- my true love has arrived and now this is the part of the story where we fight for love and come out on top!"

Jane True has a REAL story, a history which proves she is not perfect, in fact she may just be a lil off. We later find out that she is no saint and she is not afraid to get nasty and raunchy. She starts out shy and quirky. Then along the way she looses the shy, keeps her quirky and gains a bucketload of sassy with a side order of extra special friends.

Speaking of friends and other characters. What is a good book with out a love triangle? I LoVe, LOve, LOVE RYU & Anya. Even if I am still a bit miffed with both of them at the end of book #2. I adore that they have a mysterious history , which I am just dying to find out! And, the fact that they are complete opposites gives the reader the best of both worlds! AWESOME!

Ryu and his metro sexual vampire pimp swagger will entice you. While Anyan's big fluffy, sexy, sweet yet secretive demeanor will make you swoon. Did I mention he is an artist and has a motorcycle that helps him maintain his rebel double 07 type image that just comes naturally to him? DOUBLE SWOON!!! Not to mention, I am smitten by the affection and caring he displays for Jane from the moment he is introduced.

Hopefully I am not giving away to much but am providing enough that will convince you that this is a must read! And now I am going to stop my rambling and on with my closing statement.

Nicole Peeler doesn't waist words, pages or time with irrelevant details yet provides all you need in order to paint the picture. Even the smaller characters she created are awesome in their own way while providing value to the progression of the story. While book one lays out the base of the world she has created, book 2 builds on the base layer reeling you in deeper as you gasp for MORE! More Jane, more Ryu, more Anyan, hey what the heck even more of Iris and her sultry succubus self!
For those who love the non-normal, paranormal, this is one you have got to get!!!!

Come back soon!
Until next time!
Happy reading everyone!!!
<3 Mickey

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