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I'm very eclectic, some may call me weird... I love to read, I love my nook, I love my cook HAHA Just kidding! I wish I had one! I love to have fun,and laugh, shopping, dancing and listening to music,is what keeps me entertained. I love babies and am scared to death of having one, I love to be creative and although I I know so many plans I wish and hope to have, I still feel like I need to find who I am. This blog may just help me to discover that.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Functionality Of The Blog!

When I first started this course I was excited that I had to begin a blog. I had been thinking about it for some time but kept pushing it back, afraid to commit to any one subject and afraid of what was going to happen once I started. Would I be able to keep it up, would I have followers or am I going to hate it instead of love it? I didn’t even know where to begin. Although this class gave me reason to go through with it, whether I liked it or not this had to get done, at least for a short period of time, and from there I would be able to know whether I would want to continue or not.  Well, when it came time to create the blog I was given a structure.  I mean I expected nothing less from school, however when I was finally confronted by the words “Professional Blog” I blanked. I kept thinking to myself “What is a professional Blog?”  I was so lost and had no idea what to write about.  Well one day speaking with my sister, while having my stepdaughter present, my sister asked, “What exactly is a BLOG?” Briana, my stepdaughter looked at her like she had three heads and said “Titi, a blog is a website where someone writes whatever they want to write, kind of like a journal but on a website! Enough said, I didn’t even have to answer my sister. Now, I knew for sure my sister would not be able to help me with figuring out a professional blog; I was climbing this ladder solo.  After much contemplation and correspondence with the Professor, I was able to come to terms with the professional blog as a website where I would discuss something I enjoyed minus the curses, angry fits and down right unprofessionalism.  So reading, writing, anything having to do with reading and communication would be the main focus of my blog.  So in a nutshell the purpose of my blog is to entertain, update and discuss various books and topics such as communications and anything that has an affect on communications. Being as though I have many topics being discussed in this blog the design was difficult to mange.
            When I first started my blog I wanted something nice and calming in the background to invite people in instead of repel them. Although I loved the background, I hated that it wasn’t very “me”. I kept playing around with some until I found one for a while. However, during the week where we critiqued each others blogs, a classmate pointed out that my posts where difficult to read because of the way the layout ran all the blog post’s together. The layout made it look like I had one big, long post, instead of individual posts.  I searched, tweeked and messed more until I was able to find a template that individualizes each post making it easier for the reader and the writer. I also used one of the simplest layouts to make it as user-friendly possible. I didn’t add too many ad’s or gadgets because I didn’t want the reader to become overwhelmed with all of the side notes and not pay attention to the important portion of the blog; the content.
            The contents are mainly focus on anything having to do with my hobby of reading, technology and communications.  Some are my personal experiences and some are from previous schools assignment, which fit the blog so well. Although I love entering my fun narrated personal blogs I wanted to show that I also have the capabilities to provide a well though out, professional assignment as well.
            Many think this blog is for the younger computer based individual, however, this is not true. These posts are for the typical adult blog reader because of the nature of some of the adult novels I read. I hope this blog is enjoyed! <3 

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