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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Did They Really Just Ask Me Why I Blog About Books?

When I was young, I was never an avid reader. I thought it was okay but never did I feel the way I feel about books now. It all started with a high school audition...

I was about 14yrs old and was auditioning for high schools. Yes, the high schools I applied to, you had to audition for in order to be accepted. I know, I know...NY and their weird school system. Any who, it was in the beginning of my 8th grade year and my sister was taking me to my auditions since she knew how to get around Manhattan and no one else who could take me knew the city very well. Well, when she took me to my audition at Washington Irving High she was reading Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. Before I continue, some back story for you. Washington Irving High is a 100+ year old building that was once an all girls school and the now cafeterias where actually dorm rooms. That being said the build of the school is beautiful, especially when you first enter the main entrance. You walk into a grand lobby framed by large marble stair cases that center a non-working but still very much there fire place with sculptured mantle. The auditorium has a mezzanine and the stage reminds me of the Apollo theatre. Well, my sister swore up and down that the school could be a part of the world of wizards "It would fit the environment so well!" She squealed. To make a long and sad story short, less then 10 months later my sister was in a fatal car accident and I found myself accepted to the school after being on their waiting list for what felt like forever.

That year was a very defining moment for me, although it was a year it felt like seconds it went by so quickly.

I decided to attend Washington Irving High making my morning commute from Queens to Down Town Manhattan and hour and a half long. I think subconsciously that is what made me pick up a book. A scary huge school, a long lonely commute and the need to keep my mind occupied at all times forced me to begin exploring the city. After my first month of school I found out that there was a huge three story Barnes & Noble two blocks away from school, it quickly became my favorite place to be. Somewhere where I could hide or escape reality and engulf myself in the world of knowledge not to mention oddly enough it made me feel peaceful. I still wasn't an avid reader, however I just loved looking at books and skimming through them. I remember walking into the children's section one day and seeing a Harry Potter display and remembering my sisters words... I grabbed a book and began to skim it. Then I remembered that I had inherited my sisters HP books; they were sitting in the untouchable section in my room because I just didn't want to go there. I went home that night and fell in love with the world of fiction. And the rest is, as they say, history! At this point I am sure I haven't touch half of what others have tallied, but I do have to say I have read a whole bucket load of books. Reading has become a part of what I do, and who I am, even as I still till this day am figuring that out, it is something that I enjoy oh so much. The excitement I get from finally landing a a book that I know will be a good one is great! So, you ask me why? Why blog about books? Are you kidding me! WHY NOT!?!?!?! They are great fun, IQ boosters and mind relaxers. They really are awesome, not to mention the increase in your vocabulary and they make you look intellectual!!! HAHA Just Kidding!!
So now, all that being said, my question to you is "Why not blog about books and reading?"

Oh and By the way, those are pics of the actual Barnes & Noble where it all began, where I used to hang out at on 17th street in Union Square two blocks away from my school. In all it's brick and window glory.

Until next time readers, Keep turning those pages!
Oh and all you nook and Kindle users - Keep hitting those arrow buttons!
Happy Reading All!!!
<3 Mickey


Gretchen said...

Hi Micaella,

First, I am sorry to read about your sister, it was a sad story that brought you to books. I enjoyed the pictures of the the Barnes and Noble on your blog. I also like the color blue you have used, it is easy on the eye. I think it would be a nice addition it move your profile information closer to the top of the page, right now I have to scroll down to see it. It might be nice to "see" who I am reading about right away. Anyways, keep on reading!
-Gretchen Conley

Micaella said...

Thanks Gretchen for your kind words! I know everything happens for a reason and now it is kinda my way of being closer to her. I LOVE IT!!! I am glad the blue works better. Before I had a purple but it was a bit much. I did as you suggested and moved the profile up and you are right it looks way better! Thanks much for the suggestion they are a great help!!! I'll keep reading as long as you keep visiting!!! Thanks a bunch!!!