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Friday, November 5, 2010

What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up? Hmmm... Career Fields To Look At.

What do I want to be when I grow Up? I am still trying to figure that out. What do you mean I am a grown up? Really? Well, let's get crackin'
I knew communications had varied options but I would have never even thought about some of these.

1. Public Relations Specialist
Summary: A public Relations Specialist job is to look out for the best interest of the company he or she is working for. They must seek out new ways to maintain the company image in a positive light within the media, targeted customer and the surrounding communities. They must be capable of communicating on the fly in a very professional manner while multitasking and staying chipper.
Salary Range: bls.gov reports an average range of $38,400 - $71,670
Potential growth: Bls.gov reports a growth of 24% from 2008-2018. Which means that it is growing at a very rapid rate, however competition is tough.
Required credentials: At least a B.A in public relations, journalism, marketing or communications.
Required Experience: The norm would be 5 years experience.

2. Author
Summary: Authors basically produce original written work. Either for entertainment or, information, as a part of a magazine, newspaper, novel, textbook, play writer and so on.
Salary Range: bls.gov reports the average salary range to be $38,150 - $75,060
Potential growth: bls.gov reports that this field may grow about 8%, which is average. However, competition is tough here as well because many are attracted to this field.
Required credentials: At least a B.A in communications, journalism, or English.
Required Experience: There really is no minimum requirement of experience needed. The writer needs to be able to express himself or herself clearly and coherently they should also display a broad knowledge, and creativity.

3. Technical Writer
Summary: “Technical writers, also called technical communicators, put technical information into easily understandable language.”(bls.gov) Technical writers create How-to manuals, instructions on how to put together a desk or how to utilize a coffee pot and so much more.
Salary Range: Bls.gov report an average salary range of $47,100 - $78,910
Potential growth: An expected 18% increase from 2008-2018
Required credentials: At least a B.A in communications, journalism or English. Knowing another language would be a plus. Experience with web design and computer graphics is helpful as well.
Required Experience: Must be detail oriented, and have a great ability to solve problems in addition to being self-motivated and communicate effectively.

4. Interpreters and Translators
Summary: Talk about intercultural communications! Interpreters and translators must know at least two languages, fluently, very fluently. Bls.gov reports that although they sound similar, Interpreters deal with spoken word and translators deal with the written word. Interpreters convert one language into another. Translating converts written material from one language to another.
Salary Range: bls.gov reports an average salary range of $28,940-$52,240
Potential growth: Growth is expected to increase at a much faster pace than normal. Increasing 22% from 2008-2018
Required credentials: At least two languages, usually. Possibly a B.A
Required Experience: At least 3-5 years experience in the field, a B.A or both.

5. Announcers
Summary: Radio and television announcer makes commercials, report the news and are on the radio or on air live all the time. They announce schedules, shows, public service announcements and so on. Sometimes they read from scripts sometimes they read from, a TV prompt, or possibly even que cards.
Salary Range: Average hourly rates are $9.05-$20.31
Potential growth: Whew, talk about competition! This job attracts many, however it seems that there is going to be a decline from 2008-2018 by 4%.
Required credentials: B.A. in communications, broadcasting or journalism, along with formal training in broadcasting from college or technical school.
Required Experience: loads of years in the field.

Out of all of these I must say the one that calls to me most is the Author. I love to be creative and love to write because I love to read! In addition, this class has helped me to realize that I have really enjoyed working on the blog and the idea of others reading and enjoying my writing. UH oh, watch out Stephanie Meyer here I come!!! HAHA!


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